Hi, We are the Kellogg Family

We are the Kellogg’s. Roger, Dámaris, Heather and Kristen.

Dámaris and I were married 20 years ago and we have two wonderful kids. Previously I worked for Glass Specialties as a shop manager for 7 years and at Computer Stop Inc. doing onsite desktop repair and general tech support for small business and personal computers. After working at this job for 7 years I had the opportunity to go into the printing industry. Now we are blessed to be assigned to the Nor-Central Area (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua) in the Mesoamerica region serving as Work and Witness Coordinators.

Heather and Kristen are both currently “working” full time at going to school and we are very proud of their accomplishments in school.

We are blessed as both kids feel a call to missions.

Kellog Family
Don’t wait until you are “On the Mission Field” do it now.
Josh Williams
We feel very blessed and are very thankful for the blessings that God has given us.
Kellogg Family


Roger loves to Snow Ski in the winters. Other Hobbies include Programming, and robotics.


Damaris love to cook, we love to eat so it makes a good team ;). She also loves to read and work with kids.


Heather loves to draw pictures, and Lego Robotics and her team is doing quite well this year.


Kristen is our animal lover and loves to care for people and animals. Without parental guidance she would have a Zoo at our house.


Join with us in Prayer. We depend on our support network to hold us up in prayer everyday.