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We are the Kellogg’s. Roger, Dámaris, Heather and Kristen.

Dámaris and I were married 24 years ago and we have two wonderful kids. Previously I worked for Glass Specialties as a shop manager for 7 years and then I worked at a small computer company doing onsite desktop repair and general tech support for small business and personal computers. After working for this company for 7 years I purchased a little Print Shop and enjoyed bringing the technology and experience I learned at the computer company and applying it to the print shop.

Heather I currently going to NNU and Kristen is putting the “Finishing touches” on Highschool. She is planning to graduate in 2022. We are very proud of their accomplishments in school.

Kellogg Family

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Roger loves to Snow Ski in the winters. Other Hobbies include Programming, and robotics.


Damaris love to cook, we love to eat so it makes a good team ;). She also loves to read and work with kids.


Heather loves to draw pictures, and Lego Robotics and her team is doing quite well this new year 2020.


Kristen is our animal lover and loves to care for people and animals. Without guidance she can have a Zoo at home.

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