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Sesimaj Carcha

Project Status No Team Assigned Church Vision: This church is on the move. This is the 4th construction project that they are doing. Each church is larger than the one before. They keep out growing the churches and this new construction is amazing. Project: They are asking for a roof for the new church. It

Campur Chitzol

Project Status: Team Assigned Vision This church has out grown their current building. They have purchased land right on the edge of the main road. This congregation has purchased the land and is now looking for assistance building the building.   Build Project The project is to build a new 10 x 15 meter Chapel.

Pasinic – Pastors House

Project Status No Team Assigned Church Vision: It started as a mission of the 25-member Central Tactic Church, in 2011 it was organized as a church. Currently the membership is 200 people, and attendance of 150 in Sunday services. They have organized the ministries. This church is a growing church since they started they have

Emanuel NazaGol – Peten

Project Status: No Team Assigned Vision To use the sport of soccer to reach the children and youth around the community. We already have multiple churches in the North Central Area that are using NazaGol to reach hundreds of children and youth each week. Our desire is to build "canchas" in other strategic locations throughout