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In Guatemala

Emanuel NazaGol – Peten

Project Status:

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To use the sport of soccer to reach the children and youth around the community. We already have multiple churches in the North Central Area that are using NazaGol to reach hundreds of children and youth each week. Our desire is to build “canchas” in other strategic locations throughout the North Central Area. These locations include Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.


Build Project

Build a traditional “cancha” using block walls, fencing, netting, artificial turf, a drain system, and lights. This enables a major outreach for this church. Here in our area soccer is in the blood, if you have a soccer field there are kids that want to come play…. even some of the “big kids”.

It is amazing to talk with the “Pastora” she is on fire and the more you talk to her the more excited you get about this ministry opportunity. Of course when the leader has this kind of enthusiasm her church board and others in the congregation catch that same vision. They are not the kind of church that is sitting back waiting for help… They are FULLY engaged and moving forward with the resources they have.

Here are some photos of the team in action and what the “Soccer field” looks like right now.

Come join in the Ministry

If you would like to come join with the local church to soccer field a reality. Send me an email. rkellogg@norcentral.org