Living Water

This last week started in January. I know … that makes for one long week. Let me explain.

—–January —–I was part of an “extreme Team” that went to Los Cerritos (14 hours on the road to get there) this team helped install Electrical, put a roof on the church, and pour the floor of the church.

Before we went the team had sent some money to purchase 3 water tanks for the church. This was to allow them to collect rain water so we would have water to bathe with. The town has no water, They have tried to drill wells but they come up dry. So their water comes from what looks to me to be a mud puddle/pond. There are about 10 deaths per year related to water quality.

One more comment about the January team, we were joined by the Maxima Team. Maxima is a group of local people who want to do missions. I could go on and on about how amazing their ministry is and how it is a perfect fit with Work and Witness but I will refrain and let you see the results.

—–May—– The team members of the January team were very touched by the need for potable water. Both teams the US team and the Maxima Team.
The US team was so touched that they sent an additional $10,000 dollars for us to purchase a water tank for each family in the church. This included money for some metal sheeting so that they could build little structure to collect the rain water. Everyone in this village has thatched roofs.

The Maxima team was also very touched and started looking for a solution to give drinking water. They found the Eco Filter With this system you can pour water from the mud-puddle in the top and drink pure filtered water. They got excited about it and started raising money. They purchased enough for every family to have a filter in their home.

—–June—- I left out one little detail. We also saw that the kids didn’t have decent shoes. We went and did some pricing and found that the price of the shoes in the local stores were the same price as the Shoe that Grows. So we got the shoe sizes from the pastor and we were able to bring enough shoes for all the kids as well. So this week we had the privilege to deliver the water filters and shoes to the community.

We did a little demonstration on how to setup the water filters and gave them some tips on how to take care of it. Then we went out into the community to see how the water tanks had been installed. WOW it brought tears to your eyes. Thinking that these people had to walk to the “water source” and draw dirty water to bring it home to use for their family. Now they have clean water at their front doorstep.

What an unbelievable blessing to be involved in this ministry. I am so impressed the Guatemalan Maxima team taking missions to a new  level. They are not waiting for the Americans to do missions. They got involved and provided a critical piece to this process. Setting a new example showing that you can do missions living in your own country.


Join with us in Prayer. We depend on our support network to hold us up in prayer everyday.