Hello, My name is Roger Kellogg

I got started on my missions journey while I was still in college, I was able to join a Touching Lives for Christ team that was headed to Guatemala. This was a very positive experience and it was my first introduction to Spanish.

Two years later I went to Nigeria, Africa to help in a computer department in a Bible College in Oweri. This trip was the exact opposite experience that I had in Guatemala. Although I was supposed to be there for a year I cut that trip short at 6 months to get home and start the recovery process.

Fast forward 20 years and I found the Global Nazarene Tech team and I joined them going to Ecuador in November 2013 and my life was changed forever. This is the team that I had been waiting for all my life. We get to go do Kingdom work and “geek out”. We are able to go and help them build infrastructure to make their network solid and many times able to identify problems they have had for years with internet connections and other issues on the network.

Now God has continued blessing us and allowed us to participate on more trips, Senegal for Damaris in February 2014, Swaziland for Roger and Heather in June 2014, Sri Lanka for Damaris in October 2014 and Costa Rica in November 2014 for Roger. We don’t know what the new year will bring, all we know is that we are at His service whenever and wherever. I am very excited to be given the opportunity to serve God with the talents he has given me.

Roger Kellogg

Hello, My name is Damaris Kellogg

Damaris Kellogg

I grew up in Guatemala as a Pastor’s kid and watched my dad serve God with love and compassion for the people. I am blessed to have grown up in an environment where I was surrounded by strong believers. I received God’s call to Missions when I was thirteen at a revival service. Although I had no idea what it would look like, I said “yes” to serving God and trusted my life and future to Him. Along the way He provided and guided me to where I am today.

I was blessed to receive a scholarship to attend Hobe Sound Bible College soon after my graduation in Guatemala. In Hobe Sound I was enrolled in the Missions Department for two years and I had wonderful teachers and I was giving the opportunity to have hands on in Missions going on Work and Witness trips and serving in the local community.

During our early years in marriage and with a young family, Roger and I knew we wanted to be involved in Missions and God gave us a few opportunities and travel to Mexico with a group of teens, once as a family and other time it was just me as a translator. God continued opening doors and we started attending Bethel Nazarene Church here in Nampa, ID where I have been giving the opportunity to serve as Missions President for the past six years. God has awakened our church with a love for Missions and we have traveled to many areas doing Work and Witnesses. Waiting for our girls to get a little bit older, we have gone on separate trips but lately God has given us the opportunity to do some trips together.

We went to Ecuador in November 2013 and it was an amazing trip together. I got to witness God bring emotional and spiritual healing for Roger and soon after that God has opened doors for us to continue going on Missions’ trips. With our church I have had the opportunity to go on a Medical Team to Guatemala as a translator. It was such a blessing that I could be part of such a wonderful team of doctors and friends and be able to bring medical help and the message of salvation to my people.

I also went to Senegal, Africa in 2014 where we were able to witness to many people and what a joy it was to see some come to the Lord. We did VBS with those beautiful kids and also we were involved in construction, painting and well digging.

Following that same year once again God provided and I got to go to Sri Lanka on a Jesus Film W&W. This country is on the list for the persecuted church. But local pastors are working hard and are sharing the gospel to their people and many are responding and accepting Jesus as their Savior.

I feel like I have left a little piece of my heart everywhere I have gone, every time I get to meet more members of my Christian family and making new friends and hope someday I get to go back and see how God continues to work in these countries.

My prayer is that God will continue opening doors for us as a family wherever it may be, here in our community or abroad. My passion is in Compassionate Ministries but most of all my heart’s desire is to be in and do His will.

Don’t wait until you are “On the Mission Field” do it now.
Josh Williams
We feel very blessed and are very thankful for the blessings that God has given us.
Kellogg Family


Roger loves to Snow Ski in the winters. Other Hobbies include Programming, and robotics.


Damaris love to cook, we love to eat so it makes a good team ;). She also loves to read and work with kids.


Heather loves to draw pictures, and Lego Robotics and her team is doing quite well this year.


Kristen is our animal lover and loves to care for people and animals. Without parental guidance she would have a Zoo at our house.


Join with us in Prayer. We depend on our support network to hold us up in prayer everyday.