Network Upgrade

Big Picture: We are working on the network to enable the Area Office to be able to do live video conferencing with the District Superintendents and the Seminary to be able to facilitate remote learning opportunities. The Wifi here on campus makes the Convention center be more attractive for hosting events.

The UNIFI-WIFI that was installed in 2015 works great and now we are able to have WIFI throughout the campus. We now need to work on some more of the infrastructure. We have a new “Server Room” so we can move out of the tiny closet where the internet and servers are currently housed. Also, we will setup the power better, currently using daisy chained Surge strips and UPS’s. As you know Moving the Server Room means rewiring the seminary to make the wires reach the new location. We will also be choosing a better wire path. Currently the wires are draped in front of the sign for the seminary. There are some AP’s that are connected wirelessly that should have some wire to connect them. And we need to add some AP’s to some dead spots here on campus. We also have security cameras that need to be installed, and some Switches that need to be removed (rewired to the main switch). The Work and Witness / Selah Building needs all of the wires traced and labeled.

We recently had a Lightning strike and that burnt a few of our AP’s so we will need to replace those AP’s and add a few more for the dead spots that don’t have the coverage needed.

This project is listed here on the Work and Witness Website.


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